The H4P Program comes at a time when a lot of Boomers are trying to protect their nest egg and boost monthly income.  If you’ve been secretly wanting to move into a new or newer home that better meets your lifestyle plan, then your time has finally arrived.


If you or your spouse is at least 62, then the FHA-insured H4P Program can help you purchase the home you really want without depleting a large portion of your lifesavings — and save you thousands of dollars you would have otherwise lost in the process by making monthly mortgage payments.

The H4P Program is unlike a traditional home mortgage in that monthly payments are deferred and the loan balance increases over time. However, there is a consumer safeguard built into the program that you need to know about. Because the loan is insured by the FHA, neither you nor your heirs have any personal liability for the repayment of the debt.

So what does that really mean?

It actually is very simple…let’s say you use the H4P Program to purchase your dream home and decide to move in 10 years.  When you sell your home you’ll receive 100% of the net proceeds after paying off the loan balance at the time of the sale.  This is exactly how a traditional mortgage works.

So the primary benefit to you during your living years is that you don’t tie up all your savings by paying cash and you increase your monthly cash flow by not having a monthly mortgage payment.

I have a great lender that is well versed in this process.  chart-1

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